Dr. Frackowiak completed Rheumatology Fellowship at the University of Toronto. The program boasted faculty of 30 members with diverse interests in all facets of clinical and academic Rheumatology. The curriculum exposed its trainees to general Rheumatology, hospital consultations spanning across the University Hospital Network encompassing five downtown hospitals and the only in-patient Rheumatology ward in GTA, based at Toronto Western Hospital. During his training, Dr. Frackowiak worked alongside and was mentored by accomplished academic Rheumatologists some of whom include: Dr. A. Bookman – expert on Sjogren’s syndrome, Dr. S. Carette – expert on vasculitis, Dr. S. Johnson – expert on Scleroderma, Dr. C. Laskin – expert on reproductive immunology, Dr. D. Gladman – expert on Psoriatic Arthritis, Dr. R. Inman – expert on Ankylosing Spondylitis, Dr. E. Keystone – expert on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dr. J. Sanchez-Guerrero – expert on SLE as well as Dr. R. Shupak – expert on inflammatory muscle disorders.


Dr. Frackowiak completed Internal Medicine Residency at Case Western Reserve University affiliated hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  The program provided its trainees with ample exposure to complex Internal Medicine ward and intensive care unit patients. Unique aspect of the program included open Intensive Care Unit model where residents were directly involved in management of critically ill patients.  The program also incorporated pain management and palliative care into its curriculum.


Dr. Frackowiak completed Medical Degree at Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland.  The university is one of the oldest teaching institutions in Europe, founded in 1364.  Jagiellonian University became an important center for Astronomy in the late 15th century – in 1491, Nicolaus Copernicus was a student at the institution. Presently, the university is divided into 11 faculties that conduct teaching, research and academic training in: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Law & Administration, Earth Sciences, among others. Jagiellonian University has over 3, 000 faculty members.

Damian Frackowiak MD, FRCP(C) Internal Medicine, Adult Rheumatology